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Linking Citizens 2021


Antillo Municipality (Italy)
Town Twinng project - Description
“Growth, Equal Opportunities and Migration”

The Italian Municipality of Antillo has promoted a Town Twinning entitled “Growth, Equal Opportunities and Migrations”. The activities have been held from 25 to 31 July 2021 in Antillo with the participation of different European municipalities coming from Italy, Latvia Spain, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary. The project focused on topics as Equal Opportunities, Migration, Prosperity and Growth Dimension according to the European Growth Agenda, in order to give to the citizens and policy makers a new dimension at local level, how migrants can contribute to the EU economy, as they will be able to bring up the future of EU. The main goals have been oriented to increase awareness on understanding the values, rights and opportunities created by the EU, making local citizens advocates by making them feel part of it.

The activities plan was created with the suggestion and support of the different target group and was organized thought public workshops, round table, exchanges of best practices, meeting at school, discussions and debates, visits of the territory in order to develop an active citizenship and to foster interactions between the citizens’ involved. Through these activities, the citizens and local entities have had the opportunity to increase their knowledge and their awareness of the role of EU policies. With the Town Twinning the partner countries presented the objective and they encourage the participants to reflect upon European topics and on the challenges of the principle of Intercultural Dialogue and stigmatization of Migrants. The project was a meeting in which citizens from all around Europe had the opportunities for communication, exchange of methodologies, promotion of exchange of point of views, reflections and also to create a future institutional cooperation and a liaison group to ensure the widest possible public participation