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Linking Citizens Mongiuffi Melia

European Youth "We are the Future of Europe” YouthEU

Mongiuffi Melia Municipality
Town Twinning Project
2.1 Europe for Citizens Program
Project Title: European Youth "We are the Future of Europe” YouthEU
Description in English:
European Youth “We are the Future of Europe” was a Town Twinning project
promoted by Mongiuffi Melia Municipality, built in partnership with different
European countries, it will involve local public body from Italy, Spain, Slovakia,
Malta, Bulgaria and Hungary, with the purpose to strength the sense of belonging
to Europe and multicultural dialogue.
The Project focused on the future of Europe and how young Europeans conceive
European policies.
Mongiuffi Melia has been working for years in close collaboration with the Youth
Council, a body that was created in support of the municipal administration to
guide choices relating to youth policies by listening to the direct voice of young
people, citizens of the future.
The project was held in Mongiuffi Melia (Italy) from the 9 to 11 November 2021.
The activities were highly participated and interactive with the citizens involved,
with the organization of discussions and debates, workshops, seminaries, round
table, Working Group, Brainstorming, exchanges of best practices in order to
develop an active citizenship and to foster interactions between the youngsters
The project dealt with through a methodology in which citizens and young people
were the real actors of the project with their opinions, experiences and point of
view. Through these activities, citizens together with young people were able to
give a contribution to the implementation of the Future of the EU Agenda.
Practical workshops were conducted to exchange knowledge and experiences
about the awareness of the Future of Europe and their perception of the challenges
that the EU is called to face.
The future of Europeans depends on the direct involvement of citizens, whose
aspirations are necessarily projected into the future. Following the European
Commission’s priorities, the project wanted to give the opportunity to develop
their sense of European citizenship with the involvement of 190 direct and 140

indirect participants.

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